Ever heard of Farquhar?

When you get an invite to an unknown place not far up the road by a band of Troopcarrier worshippers the simple answer is yes. Having stumbled upon Troopcarriers of Australia (TOA) on Facebook, we knew these were Aussie blokes (and now many lasses) who were passionate, kind, a little rough around the edges and a whole lot of crazy, in the best kind of way. Heading off on a camping and beach 4WDing weekend with them was a no brainer. 

That’s how we found ourselves driving a NSW beach we didn’t know… at midnight… with only our headlights as a guide… as the tide moved ever higher toward the dunes our Troopy was hugging.

When we arrived at the campsite to cheers and offers of drinks from guys we’d never met in person we knew we were onto a good thing. And, as they say, the rest is history. Here’s a snippet from our first TOA “ramble”.

[Filming: Jennifer Ennion & Lachlan Ennion; editing: Jennifer Ennion.]

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