Adventurers turn to Colombia

Colombia is at the top of adventurers’ wish lists, with World Expeditions reporting a strong increase in interest this year to the South American country.

The fascination can most likely be attributed to the fact Colombia’s political climate is settling following decades of civil conflict, as well as to its natural attractions, which include stunning beaches and dense jungle.

“Colombia teems with historical insights and natural wonders, from colonial cities and archaeological ruins to high-mountain trekking, jungle safaris and idyllic Caribbean beaches,” says World Expeditions CEO Sue Badyari

“Whether you are looking to get there ahead of Pope Francis in September, feel inspired by the 50th anniversary of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s masterpiece One Hundred Years of Solitude or you’ve been encouraged by the formal peace talks, Colombia is steadily claiming its spot as a must-visit destination,” Bayari says.

World Expeditions offers two tours to Colombia, the newest being the 14-day Active Colombia during which travellers can go paragliding at Chicamocha Canyon, as well as rock climbing, rafting and even hiking 1200 steps to reach the sacred ‘Lost City’.

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